About Me

I have 20 years experience of Human Resource Management, am a Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (MCIPD), have 20 years experience of coaching and training staff & managers, 10 years experience lecturing on management courses (professional standards course for CIPD, Diploma in Management Studies & Master of Business Administration), and 12 years assisting individuals & groups develop and change their lives through the use of NLP, Coaching & hypnosis.

Training is suitable for 1: 1 or group situations

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New Course:

Self Hypnosis to free your life of stress, anxiety & discomfort

6 week course, 1.5 hours, in Baldock, daytime & evening

Make that change now

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Presentation Skills

A fear of delivering presentations or speeches is the most common fear that people have.

Stop the fear Now!

My training teaches you techniques to effortlessly and without anxiety deliver great presentations using the approaches that I have developed over the last 20 years


Interview Coaching...get the interview, be successful

Enjoy job interviews and become every panel's candidate of choice...

My 1:1 or group training teaches you to:

  • Identify your Unique Selling Points
  • Produce a CV that “forces” recruiters to see you
  • Focus on the key areas of the interview that enable you to succeed
  • "Manage" interviews
  • Plan interviews so that you get the post you want and deserve.
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Team Building Day

Spend a day learning the basics of hypnosis in a safe & fun way. You will be hypnotizing each other by mid morning! 
The benefits include:

  • Understand the essence of language and the benefits of changing how we speak to customers and/or clients
  • Improved working relationships
  • Develop your listening and communication skills
  • Shared experience and fun memories

Contact me now so that you can benefit from this unique approach to teambuilding:

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email david@davidowen.org.uk

Deal with workplace mental health issues more effectively

Sickness absence is expensive both in terms of wage or salary costs and the impact on organisational performance. 

My initiative is the smart way to show you care about your employees and reduce your costs. It includes:

  • One to one sessions to address the causes of the condition and facilitate a return to work within 10 weeks
  • A combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching
  • Discovers the root cause of the problem and teaches techniques to develop a positive attitude and maintain good health
  • Getting employees back to work faster saves money and helps retain key staff
  • Reduces costs associated with employee absence and costs of recruiting and training replacement staff
  • Demonstrates the company's commitment to the welfare of employees 
It is suitable for issues such as employee stress, anxiety and panic and employee depression etc. Ring me to find out more and discover this unique way forward.

In addition, I provide group preventitive training to help staff deal with the stress and anxiety they can encounter in life.

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01462 643426

email david@davidowen.org.uk


Mediation Skills

This course is designed for people who deal with irate, angry people as part of their work. It will:
  • Outline the origins and nature of conflict 
  • Explore personal reactions and feelings
  • Develop strategies to defuse the situation
  • Provide transformational tools to obtain better outcomes
  • Enhance your skills.
Contact me now to see how I can help you and your business:

01462 643426

email david@davidowen.org.uk


Achieve Peak Performance 

It is clear that all employees and sports people can benefit greatly from improving their performance. Striving for greater success places us under increasing pressure to perform and to satisfy the expectations of our managers, coaches or selves. 

My course:

  • Teaches strategies to achieve peak performance

  • Improves performance

  • Results in improved outcomes and less stress.

Feedback from a Teacher:

"When I teach the children now, it's so much easier and I can't believe the positive changes in their behaviour!"

Call me now and let me assist you improve your performance:

01462 643426
email david@davidowen.org.uk


Customer Feedback

“David’s approach I thought at first was maverick and too direct, however his unique style, approach and ability to communicate across all sectors of the company has allowed this company to turn a large decisive corner, he paid for his services within the first 2 weeks of him coming on board. We are into our 3rd month and making large strides forward in one of the worst recessions and most competitive industries which in no small part is down to utilising David’s Services.”
M.K. Director Industrial company

“David was engaged by Capita group to undertake a commercially sensitive strategic project...I was very pleased with his report because it identified the key issues for Capita, was an excellent reference document for our sales/bid teams and was invaluable for negotiations with the Trade Unions...David conducted himself in a professional manner throughout, met his stated deadlines and was a pleasure to work with him. The work he produced was of a high standard thoroughly meeting the brief he was set.”
J.B. Group HR Director

“David is always professional in everything he does. He's engaging and is ever eager to stretch people and organisations to realise and achieve their full potential. If you want a professional who knows his stuff and will make a real difference for you I would recommend David as the obvious choice.”
I.K. owner of a consultancy company