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The Discovery Show on Floradio combines  a range of interesting musical genres from around the world  with interviews on topics ranging from the use of hypnosis to the role of Governors in schools.

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Floradio is an internet based community radio show targeting Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Luton.

The Discovery Show is on every Friday from 16.00 - 18.00 

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Interview with Rasheed Ali regarding 1968 Soul Power
Interview with Rasheed Ali regarding 1968 Black Power
Interview with Rasheed Ali  regarding Black Lives Matter, music etc
Interview with Rasheed Ali, talking politics & 1968 Love Power
Interview with Janine, Holocaust survivor
Interview with Hannah Williams - Audio Quality fluctuates
Interview with Bettye LaVette
Interview with Idris Ackamoor, Spiritual Jazz pioneer
Interview with Roy Roberts, Blues & Soul guitarist
Interview & Live Session  with Ajay Rococo
Interview with  author Paul Ross
Interview & Live Techno Set with Dorbachov
Interview with Campbell Porter chilean horse whisperer part 2 of 2
Interview with  Hillman Montegreen  of The Ephemerals 
Interview with Ramiz Momeni co-founder of Humanitas Charity
Interview with Alfan Foundation's Alfons Hanson
Interview with Bette Smith singer songwriter
Interview with Monty Roberts Horse Whisperer part 1 of 2

Interview with Tom McRae
Interview with Monty Roberts horse whisperer part 2 of 2

Interview with Igor Ledochowski, Conversational Hypnosis
Interview with singer Barb Jungr
Interview with Protoje
Interview with Veronah
Interview with Beat Funktion
Domestic violence interview with Simon Parr and Anna
Interview with Greg Forde - Law of Attraction
Interview with Denyse Weiser and Maiwenn Langlois
Interview with Jonathan Chase stage hypnotist
Interview with Campbell Porter  horse whisperer 1/2
Interview with Campbell Porter  horse whisperer 2/2 
School Governance interview with Kathy Dunnett
Past Life Regression Part 1 of 2
Past Life Regression Part 2 of 2
Interview with Julie Gibbons on the benefits of Yoga
Interview with paranormal investigator & author Damien O'Dell
Interview with Mac Andrews, trainer, author, researcher & actor 
Podcast -  David Owen interviewed  by Paul Burgess (Athletic Nutrition)
Interview with Paul Burgess Nutritionist & Fitness Coach
Interview with John Garland, Guinness Book of World records 1 of 2
Interview with John Garland -Tennis Coaching 2 of 2
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